Financial Peace

Is it even possible to have financial peace? Yes! But make no mistake: being “normal” is not the way to peace. Normal means broke in America.

"But what can I do” you ask, “to get this peace?”


You need a plan. You need focus. You need effort. You need to be sick and tired of debt and stress. You must be willing to sacrifice; to live like no one else now so you can live like no one else later.

I can help. I will walk with you, giving you counsel, encouragement and a plan. I will stick with you to make sure you are on target to reach your goals. In short, I will be your coach.


· Struggling with debt?

· Confused about retirement?

· Money fights affecting your marriage?

· Need a plan to build wealth?

· Do you need someone who doesn’t sell insurance to explain insurance to you?

· Do you need someone who doesn’t sell investments to explain investments to you?



I will help in any or all of these areas. I grow my business by fully meeting my customers’ needs, so feel free to ask for references of others who have used my services. My fees are tailored for your needs, always set so my services pay for themselves. I will gladly refund your fee if you are not completely satisfied.

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